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Paper of Year 2017

Should the advanced measurement approach be replaced with the standardized measurement approach for operational risk?”

13 June 2017


The paper of the year for banking risk modelling in Operational Risk has been awarded to  Dr. Gareth W. Peters (UCL) and his co-authors: Prof. Pavel Shevchenko (Maquarie University Australia), Dr. Ariane Chappelle (Chappelle Consulting) and Dr. Bertrand  Hassani (Santander)

The paper is titled:


“Should the advanced measurement approach be replaced with the standardized measurement approach for operational risk?”


Peters, Gareth William and Shevchenko, Pavel V. and Hassani, Bertrand and Chapelle, Ariane, Should the Advanced Measurement Approach be Replaced with the Standardized Measurement Approach for Operational Risk? (July 1, 2016). Journal of Operational Risk, Vol 11, No. 3, pp. 1–49, 2016, DOI: 10.21314/JOP.2016.177. Available at SSRN: or


It was a response to the new Basel banking regulation guidance on new modelling approaches. It has been invited presentation at the OpRisk North America international conference in New York with the Federal Reserve and Regulators and has also been invited as presentation in the OpRisk Europe for the Bank of England and other European industry and regulators.


It has been judged the standout paper of the year for the 2017 OpRisk awards.


The winners were interviewed for a media release and  all the awards will be published on next month, with an accompanying write-up of each winner. 

The awards were formally presented at a dinner at The Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, London on Tuesday 13th June.


The awards are divided up into practitioner and vendor categories. Practitioner categories, which include op risk management awards for banks, asset managers and insurers, will be judged by a panel of senior editors and writers. The journalists will closely scrutinise and verify the information contained in these entries, including by undertaking follow-up interviews with the firms involved.


Vendor categories, which include awards for law firms, consultancies and technology providers, will be judged by a carefully selected panel of op risk practitioners and other industry experts.


Meanwhile, the award for Paper of the Year is judged by the editorial board of the Journal of Operational Risk, who will recognise an outstanding contribution to the journal in the previous year; and the inaugural Book of the Year award will be judged according to the same rationale by the editor of Risk Books.

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