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Preprint Journal Papers Risk and Insurance

Title:     GLRT and Differential LRT with Common Factors and Their Applications to RSS-based Location Verification Systems

Yan Shihao, Peters G.W., Nevat Ido and Malaney Robert

Preprint [arXiv]

Title:   Routing in Wireless Networks with Privacy Guarantess

Jing Yang Koh, Peters G.W., Ido Nevat, Derek Leong and Wai-Choong Wong

Preprint [SSRN]

Title:   Optimal Privacy-Preserving Probabilistic Routing for Wireless Networks 

Jing Yang Koh, Derek Leong, Peters G.W., Ido Nevat and Wai-Choong Wong

Preprint [SSRN]

Title:    Capacity Bounds for Additive Symmetric alpha-Stable Noise Channels

de Freitas M., Egan M., Clavier L., Goupil A., Peters G.W., and Azzaoui N.

Preprint [SSRN]

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