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Past Postdoctoral Researchers Completed in QRSLab

Daisuke Murakame  (2015-2017)

National Institute of Environmenal Studies (NIES), Tskuba, Japan

Spatial and Temporal Heat Wave Modelling 

Advisors: Prof. Yamagata Y., Prof. Matsui T. and Dr. Gareth W. Peters

Malcolm Egan (2016-2017) 

Mathematics, Blaise Pascal, France

Stable Process Characterizations 

Advisors:  Dr. Nourddine Azzaoui, Dr. Arnaud Guillin, Dr. Gareth W. Peters

Ethstathios Panayi (2015-2016) 

University College London

Liquidity Resilience Models in Limit Order Books 

Advisors: Dr. Gareth W. Peters and Dr. Tomaso Aste

Now partner at CUMULIS hedge fund 

Simon Fung (PhD Actuarial Science) (2015-2017)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Longevity Modelling and Mortality Models;

Advisors: Dr. Gareth W. Peters and Dr. Pavel Shevchenko

Now Quantitative Analyst Energy Hedge Fund.

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